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Sevenoaks District has 14 Cubs packs catering for young people between the age of 8 and 10.5 yrs.

Cubs follow an exciting balanced programme to enable the young people to earn badges to wear on their uniform and to achieve their Silver Chief Scout Award.


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  • Sevenoaks cubs gunged live on BBC 1

    9th January 2009

    This weekend 5 Sevenoaks Cubs were gunged live on BBC 1 as part of "Basil's Swap Shop" featuring Basil brush. Charlotte, one of the gunged Cubs tells their story below: We arrived at Maidstone Studio at 8.45am. We were all very excited and looking forward to being on live TV with The...

  • Cubs put on a show

    30th November 2008

      Cubs Put on a Show Around 40 cubs came together at West Heath School where they learnt their parts, rehearsed them and performed; all in the course of 9 hours and this included a lunch break and the 90 minutes running time for the performance! The cubs were absolutely...

  • Westerham take the Cup

    10th June 2007

    On Sunday 10th July the Sevenoaks District Cub Scouts held their annual football competition on Chipstead Common. 12 teams from 11 packs took part with over 80 cubs playing. The day was split into 2 parts, the group stage involving 3 leagues of 4 teams and the knock out stage with a Cup and a...

  • Cubs show off at Amherst School

    24th February 2007

    Today, the 24th February 2007, Cubs from Sevenoaks District participated in the District Cub Scout Challenge. Taking part in the activities were 15 teams of 4 with a mixture of different ages. The teams got to choose their own names. Some were quite imaginative and included names such as...

  • Cubs perform a show in a day!

    19th November 2006

    Cubs from across the Sevenoaks District came together on the weekend to perform an entire show in a day! Starting at 9am in the morning, the cubs worked throughout the day learning new songs, sketches and dance routines, which included Gangshow classics like 'Crest of a Wave'. Jeanette (DC)...

  • District Cub Camp 06

    5th June 2006

    Cubs from 4 packs in Sevenoaks had a fantastic camp of activities over the weekend including kayaking, pedal cars, laser tag, cave maze, climbing, absailing, wide game, camp fire and much, much more! The weather was hot and sunny, although everyone was probably too busy having fun to...

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