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Nights Away Permit Holders

Leaders who have completed their Nights Away training and validated that training to hold a Nights Away Permit are listed below. These leaders may assist leaders without a permit to undertake a residential experience with their young people by agreeing to be their Permit holder for the event and attending the event throughout.

Before each overnight camp / event a Nights Away Notification form must be completed online (you will need your district login to access the form).

This data was updated on 23/02/2022

Name Permit Activity Type Expires
Chris BarrowNights AwayGreenfield31/05/2022
Jonathan BoothNights AwayGreenfield09/09/2026
Trevor CowardNights AwayCampsite21/05/2024
Bertie DownardNights AwayGreenfield23/07/2025
Ian ManuelNights AwayCampsite22/06/2024
Chris McCannNights AwayGreenfield11/02/2024
Chris MearsNights AwayCampsite17/11/2024
Andy KingNights AwayGreenfield23/07/2026
Rose MearsNights AwayGreenfield30/05/2022
P'Nut HoldenNights AwayCampsite30/09/2022
Bernie WrightNights AwayCampsite27/04/2025
Ali MillerNights AwayCampsite14/01/2025
Katie McCreadieNights AwayGreenfield01/11/2024
Robin MillsNights AwayCampsite12/10/2024
Peter FranklNights AwayGreenfield16/06/2026
Robert FrancisNights AwayCampsite03/01/2026
Stevo DurbabaNights AwayCampsite27/05/2026
Owen ComptonNights AwayCampsite07/05/2024
Michael Laver-SmithNights AwayCampsite08/03/2022
Malcolm FisherNights AwayGreenfield30/08/2023
Shelley WilliamsNights AwayCampsite28/01/2027
John BakerNights AwayCampsite05/07/2024
Michael DrekslerNights AwayCampsite22/12/2023
Erik BarrowNights AwayCampsite14/05/2023
Paul HeathNights AwayCampsite27/01/2025
Russell PorterNights AwayCampsite06/02/2024
David GallowayNights AwayGreenfield27/11/2023
Carl EllmerNights AwayGreenfield11/11/2026
Clair DoyleNights AwayCampsite18/07/2022
Jo BrookbankNights AwayCampsite14/07/2026
Jan PadgettNights AwayCampsite09/09/2026
Dean BrettNights AwayGreenfield29/05/2024
Josefine FollettNights AwayCampsite17/05/2023
Kevin McdonnellNights AwayCampsite31/10/2024
Matt PoddNights AwayCampsite05/02/2027
Billy KingNights AwayCampsite27/11/2023

To apply for a Nights Away Permit please complete the online application form under Nights Away on the Sevenoaks Adults Web Site (you will need your district login to access the form)

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