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Getting Started

As a new leader in Scouting you will start your training by undertaking the modules which we refer to as the 'Getting Started' modules. These modules are module 1, 2 & 3 or 1,2 and 4 for Line Managers.

These modules need to be completed within your first five months in Scouting so that your full warrant can be issued.

To help you plan and validate these modules you will be allocated a Training Adviser who can guide you through your learning process.

Your Line Manager (typically your Group Scout Leader) is responsible for supporting you to achieve your training, so please ask then for their help when you need it.  In many cases they will be your assigned Training Adviser.

These modules will also be run in District at least twice a year. Contact the Local Training Manager (LTM) Caroline O'Mahony to book a place or check for dates. 

Once you have completed your 'Getting Started' you are in control with the help of your GSL to book onto courses, attend the training and request validation for modules you are ready to sign off to achieve your Wood Beads.

A training adviser will contact you to arrange validation when you have made the request.

Module 01 - Essential information

Module 01 will look at the fundamental values of Scouting, Child protection, Risk Assessment and the support and structure available to you.

This can be done by watching a video / dvd / e-learning or on a small course.

Click on the links below to complete this learning.

As part of your module 01 training you will be registered with the NSPCC distance learning to complete three question papers on keeping yourself & young people safe. This will be sent to you via email.

Have done the learning you will need to validate what you have learnt - this is not difficult, your Training Advisor will guide you through. The NSPCC package will form part of your validation.

Associated Reading for Module 01

Information about sections:

Module 02 - Personal Learning Plan

Module 02 is where you sit down with your training advisor and work out which modules you will need to learn and which modules you already have the knowledge for due to experience from work, other voluntary positions etc.

A plan is decided between the Leader and the training advisor agreeing which modules the Leader will need to learn.

Module 03 - Tools for the role

This module is about what you do in your section all the time - opening ceremony, investitures, games, going up ceremonys, awarding badges and closing ceremonies

This can be done by e-learning or on a small course.   Click on the links below to complete this learning:           

This module is easily validated by your training advisor coming to see you run a game and do a ceremony.

Module 04 - Tools for the role (managers)

This module is for Line Managers and is about all the sections that you are line manager to.

This can be done by e-learning or on a small course              .

Click on the links below to complete this learning:

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