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District Treasurer - can you help?

Our current treasurer has recently relocated and needs to step down from the role.  As a result, we are seeking a new district treasurer.  This vital behind-the-scenes role on the Trustee board keeps Sevenoaks Scouting running smoothly and allows our uniformed leaders to focus on empowering young people.

We need someone passionate about making a positive impact to step up as our next treasurer. You'll work with a team of dedicated volunteers who work to the same aim - to create life-changing opportunities for Sevenoaks youth.

Full support and mentoring will be provided by the outgoing treasurer and district finance team.  This may suit a couple of people wishing to share the role as a team.  If you are interested, please make contact via the contact us form.  The role is a charity trustee role.

The role of the treasurer is to provide sound financial administration and support to the district trustee board.

It is always hard to write a job description for Scouting as there can be a lot of variety.  Key aspects include:

  • Be a trustee of the Sevenoaks District Scout Trustee board.
  • Act as treasurer to the District Scout Trustee board
  • Work closely with and support the district leadership team
  • Agree the annual budget for the district.
  • Provide sound administration in respect of the obligations according to Policy Organisation and Rules (POR).
  • Ensure that any financial reports are submitted on time.
  • Complete the Annual accounts
  • Update the Charity Commission with the annual accounts
  • Receive all monies on behalf of the district, keep up-to-date accounts of all funds and make payments as authorised.
  • Be the lead for the district regarding banking, taxation and audit/examination/scrutiny.
  • Be an active member of the District Trustee Board.
  • Ensure compliance with finance regulations.
  • Maintain a record of District accounts and accounting records.

If you are interested and are keen to have a conversation to learn more please let us know and we will arrange time for an informal conversation to share more details about the role and what is required.

The District Trustee board meets every 2 months - usually the second week of the month.  In between, there are several conversations needed to progress the actions needed.  Sevenoaks Scouts has a strong leadership team who will be able to help provide advice and guidance on what is needed.  The treasurer role is part of a finance team that includes the district leadership.

Please do get in touch via our contact form  

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