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District Commissioner's Cubs Challenge

20th September 2015

District Commissioner's Cubs Challenge

Four Packs came together in September to compete for the District Commissioners Cup.

The packs were 1st Sevenoaks, (Braeside), 4th Sevenoaks (St John's), 7th Sevenoaks (Halstead) and 12th Sevenoaks (Edenbridge) and all four packs did remarkably well to achieve the tough criteria for the competition.

Teams of four or five had to erect a Dining Shelter and Tent big enough to accommodate the team, peg out their camp site area, build two camp gadgets and make a leader a hot drink (tea or coffee).

All four teams completed the tasks in the time given with minimal help from their leaders with some teams using equipment they were hardly familiar with.

The three judges took plenty of time to inspect the four sites and talk to the young people and no one looking on envied their job but when all the scores were added up it was a drawn contest between the 4th and 7th .

The other two teams must have been disappointed in not lifting the trophy but take nothing away from them they did exceptionally well and in the many years I have been involved in cub scouting I have never seen any cubs achieve anything like what these did.

An excellent competition and congratulations to Richard for putting it together and having the faith that our young people could take this on and complete it.

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