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Cub Scouts Quiz and Challenge

30th March 2017

Cub Scouts Quiz and Challenge

Cub Scouts Quiz and Challenge 

The day started at 13:30 with (about) 11 teams worth of Cubs turning up armed the contents of their respective Pack's craft boxes. Nearly all (if not all) of the Groups were represented.

The teams were 4 or 5 strong, containing a good cross section from Each Pack

With the monies paid and the paperwork complete, the teams set to the list of challenges. These included folding the Union flag, tying three knots (the once lost art of the 'granny' has been rediscovered by most Cubs you'll be pleased to hear) reciting 5 facts about BP (did you know his troops called him 'Lord Bathing Towel' because of his obsession with cleanliness?) dropping protectively wrapped eggs from height into a bucket (several teams were disappointed when their egg emerged unscathed) and placing their 'unconscious' team mates in the recovery position (having lain down myself for a quick nap I found myself being rolled around by several Cubs)

There followed a half time involving refreshments for the leaders whilst the Cubs looked longingly at the rapidly disappearing squash and digestives (it was the other way round)

Part two involved a quiz with 30 questions that even I struggled with. The questions covered sport, general knowledge and geography. Who knew that the capital of Greenland was Nuuk? I thought that was the sound made by a leader's head when hit by falling staves in the store room

As part of the clearing up, whilst the points were tallied, Richard our DC, arranged for the Cubs to clean the St John's hut floor with their bottoms under the guise of playing crab football

Then Hugh, with perfect timing, arrived and was handed the results. (I can't recall who the two runners up were - Richard might be able to help here) but the scores posted by all teams reflected the effort made by all

And the winners? Well everyone was a winner on the day; the Cubs that had a nice time with their fellow Scouts and the leaders who realised that the stuff they bombard their charges with actually does sink in

But the ones who carried away the District silver was a combined team (Seeonee & Waingunga Packs) from the 15th Sevenoaks. Four of the team will be representing the District at the County 'Quizz & Fizz' in April (the fizz being fizzy pop and not Champagne)

Well done one and all - there was some good Scouting on show - and a special thanks to the District team who organised the day. John Booth - 15th Cub Scout Leader

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