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Sevenoaks cubs gunged live on BBC 1

9th January 2009

Gunge galleryThis weekend 5 Sevenoaks Cubs were gunged live on BBC 1 as part of "Basil's Swap Shop" featuring Basil brush.

Charlotte, one of the gunged Cubs tells their story below:

We arrived at Maidstone Studio at 8.45am. We were all very excited and looking forward to being on live TV with The Basil Swap Shop.

We were led into a room they called the Green Room. There we got our name badges, very large ones, so they could be seen by the camera and we meet the crew of the show,

including Barney, sadly we never meet Basil because he was ill. Also in the Green Room we practised shouting loudly.

Half hour before the show started we were led into the studio, it was smaller than we thought and full of cameras and no ceiling. They showed us our gunged gallery tanks in the Gunged Gallery and we got into them sitting on a red stool surrounded by Perspex. We had a small practice of the show just before it started.

Challotte getting gungedThe director of the show did a count down from 5 when the live show started 5-4-3-2-1. At the beginning of the show we were asked our names and one of us got Gunged every time there was a successful swap. First Louis, then Izzy, thirdly me, then Oliver and finally Lauren. The Gunged was all different colours and a bit warm when we got Gunged, but after a while we did get a bit cold. After the show we were rolled out of the studio in special chairs, so no Gunged got on the floor, because it is very slippery.

I had a great day and it was a huge experience to do, not many people I know has been on TV. If I ever had such an opportunity again I would love to do it.

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