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19th August 2007

Swedish flag and Union Jack

In 2011 the World Scout Jamboree will be held in Sweden, this year they held a smaller jamboree in Rinkaby which around 20,000 people attended, they called it the Jiingijamborii.

When we arrived at Jiingijamborii we found that we would be sharing our plot with two other groups from Sweden. One of the groups we shared our fires cooking with, we also all built a table, benches and a gate together. By the end of the camp we had become quite close to the other groups.

The first main event at Jiingijamborii was the opening ceremony. At the opening ceremony they did a show about how the camp themes were decided - there was a giant brain painted on the main stage and people in pink jumpsuits came out of the brain, each person was an idea and they each explained themselves to a panel of judges, some of them sang songs and did dances. The themes that were chosen were: global development village, respect, together, crossroads of culture and road of exploration, these were the camp activities and we did one each morning between Monday and Friday. Unfortunately the opening ceremony was in Swedish, but they handed out sheets that told the story in English.

Jamboree crowd

The opening ceremony ended with a band called the Jiingiz who sang the camp song, which was called jiing jiing jiing.

The first activity of the week we did was the global development village, in the first task we were split into two groups, a group of engineers and a group from a made up country called Derben. The two groups were trying to build a bridge together, but the Derbens had strange customs and the engineers had to learn how to use these customs so they could talk to the Derbens without disrespecting them. In the second part of the activity we learnt about how some countries don't have as many rules about advertising as we do, so they can advertise drugs and cigarettes.

My favourite activity of the week was the road of exploration witch was about your senses and how much we need them. At the beginning of the activity we found out about the evil eye who was stealing people's senses and we had to get them back, the Jiingijamborii was the only safe place, and we went though these gates and you had to choose a sense to give up. To get peoples senses back we had to do an activity for each sense - hearing; a sound maze where you had to get to the right sound and it would give you a clue and each sound gave you a different clue, sight; a low ropes course with restricted or no vision, touch; there was a Lego model in a black box that you could not see into and we had to put our hands in and then recreate it, smell; there were pots with different things in and you had to smell them then guess what they were and then try and explain the smell to the people who had lost their sense of smell taste; similar to smell but with things to taste. If we completed them we were given a crystal and at the end there was a big chest which everyone put there crystals in.

On the campsite there was a main square which had the Jiingi shop the radio tent and cafes, and there were also squares for each subcamp which had a small shop, a café and an activity tent where you could make woggles and necklaces from reindeer horn. There was also a tent where you could do your Swedish knot tying badge and they were doing brandings of Baden Powel and giving away castings of his face.

Canoeing down the river

Another activity that was on offer was the camp in camp which was where we hiked out of the campsite with some of our kit and built bivouacs in the woods. We slept in them for then night and then in the morning we canoed down the river, which was an amazing view, to another of the camp in camp sites and then hiked back to the Jiingijamborii.

For me, the most memorable part of the Jiingijamborii was the closing ceremony. Before the closing ceremony each subcamp gathered together in different parts of the camp, we were green subcamp and they had bought in lots of green material for us to make flags and tie to ourselves so we could show the rest of the camp which subcamp we were from, we could also make drums and things so we could make a lot of noise during the closing ceremony. Once we had all built our flags we walked down to the main stage for the closing ceremony. At the closing ceremony lots of bands played songs, it was amazing to see 20,000 people all waving their scarves in the air to the music. Then the Swedish King gave a speech and at the end we all sang happy birthday to scouts. After the closing ceremony there was a big disco that lasted till midnight.

Report By Tom Guinaine MST (Media Scout Team)

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