Sevenoaks District Scouts


11th August 2007


Congratulations to the winners of the 8-10 and 11-14 age groups (Bethany and Matthew) who managed to complete the phrase "SCOUTING IN SEVENOAKS ROCKS". Also, Well done to those of you who managed to locate most of the letters and 'word' spaces in the library and various shops throughout the town.

AND we wish to say "Thank you" to the following for supporting and displaying the Treasure Hunt Poster (with the appropriate letter or word space too) -

Sevenoaks Book Shop - S; Croc'N'Craft - C and word space; Lorimers - O; Hollybush Launderette - U; Hardware Centre - T; Sevenoaks Pets and Aquatics - I; CF Hoad & Son Ltd (Adults) - N; Hoads Children's Shoe Shop - S; Janet's Kitchen - G; Kaleidoscope (Sevenoaks Library) - word space and R; Horncastles - I; Woolworths - N and S; The Chinaman - word space; Party Carnival Warehouse - E; Sevenoaks Chronicle - V; Avalon Music - E; Williamsons the Butchers - N; Shoe Repairs - O; Cancer Research - A; Bikes Bikes Bikes - K; Sevenoaks Computers - O; Go Travel - C; Supreme Choice - K; GW Medhurst & Son - S.

Unfortunately no entries received for the under 8 year old age group but Sevenoaks District Scout Shop will be presenting the two winners with their Treasure Trail prizes soon.

THE SEVENOAKS DISTRICT SCOUT SHOP re-opens on 12th September 2007.

Latest photos

Tyler, Noeni,Ellie, Matthew and Liam
Parade Route
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